EASYsa, your automation development partner

EASYsa realize your automation projects of machine tools, production facilities and road infrastructures. Our market extends beyond the Swiss and European borders and our services address both specific applications as turnkey solutions.

With extensive experience in multidisciplinary projects, master of major programming languages such as IEC61131, Step 5/7, Ladder, MacroExec, CExec, C, C ++, C #, Delphi and a broad platform of development tools.

EASYsa - PLC engineering

Development process

  • needs study and choice of tools and ideal platforms
  • design the optimal solution to the needs
  • development, testing, commissioning


  • PLC: Beckhoff, B&R, Rockwell, Siemens
  • Bus: EtherCAT, Modbus, PwLink, Profibus
  • Links: Moxa, …
  • IO: according to specification


EASYsa - PLC engineering


  • choice of system
  • multiple architectures
  • mathematics, geometry functions
  • paths calculation
  • ISO compiler and interpreter


  • CNC
  • Beckhoff, Fanuc, Siemens
  • Bus: EtherCAT, IOLink, Profibus


EASYsa - Motion engineering


  • architecture and measurement
  • regulation of speed, of position, of force
  • modeling and feed forward control
  • thermal, elastic compensation
  • axes and spindles synchronizations


  • servomotors, Step and synchronous motors, hydraulic pistons


EASYsa - HMI for CNC engineering

Development Process

  • needs study and choice of tools and ideal platforms
  • analysis of the use cases and operating modes to design the optimal interfaces
  • development, testing and final commissioning

HMI development

EASYsa - HMI for PLC engineering

Tools and solutions

  • UML modeling tools, libraries of menus and common functions
  • intuitive and easy to use interfaces
  • multiplatform interfaces, web functions, remote controls


  • EASYsa, Zenon, Atvis

HMI Solutions

EASYsa - Quality in engineering

Quality assured by

  • compliance with the standards of developments (V or agile models) and GAMP procedures
  • needs study to select the ideal tools and platforms
  • optimal design with regard to the needs of the application and testing
  • continuous monitoring until final commissioning and support throughout the product life

Validation, qualification

Documentation to download


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