a goal hard to achieve ...

Quality is a subjective concept that everyone is talking without really knowing what it includes.

From the mathematical point of view, the quality behaves asymptotically, which means that 100% quality can never be reached.

EASYsa has invested (with the help of Mr. Pareto) in the implementation of a total quality system.

The results are encouraging and we are proud to see the progress over our projects and our work.

The implementation of this total quality philosophy required the definition of new working methods and specific tools but above all a company spirit where everyone thinks "QUALITY" in all its activities.

EASYsa - Definition of quality

Deliver the service expected by the customer

  • ensure the required functionality
  • meet deadlines
  • ensure budgets


EASYsa - Interpretation of quality

Common sense …

  • Pareto -> 80% result for 20 % effort
  • reality is never perfect
  • common sense is always necessary


EASYsa - Tools for quality

The key steps

  • what the customer wants (internal or external)
  • what solutions can we propose
  • how to achieve and test it and
  • how to check the quality in real time


Quality is not only won with beautiful words and will, it requires:

labor and sweat

skills and common sense

tools and means

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