From 2003, a totally new control concept allowed EASYsa to get its first control systems and control projects for road infrastructures.

Then, our skills have been developed with the construction of many installations in different areas of road infrastructures.

These achievements have led to effective and sustainable collaborations and the creation of specific products in areas where market solutions were not optimal.

With the rigor of our work, the quality of our results and compliance with deadlines, EASYsa is a recognized and valued partner of engineering offices and building owners.

EASYsa - Traffic control

  • Signalization and traffic control
  • Control of traffic signals, LEDs, prisms, synchronized flashes
  • Installation supervision by local HMIs and SCADA
  • Traffic computer, simulator before application

Signalization, traffic

EASYsa - Fire detection in tunels

  • Linear heat detection system by sensor
  • Robust cable insensitive to nuisances, extreme durability without maintenance
  • Detection of moving or stationary smoke
  • Supervision, HMI-based Web server

Fire detection

EASYsa - Lighting in tunnels

  • Piloting crossing lights, adaptation of the optical guidance of tunnel and security exits
  • DALI interfaces with DSI luminaires
  • Function control of each fixture by current measurement
  • Operational safety by controlling the lighting pulse


EASYsa - Ventilation of tunnels

  • Steering tunnel ventilation and emergency exits
  • Control accelerators of jet drives by inverters, starters or contactors
  • Management and implementation of the scenarios when fire or smoke events
  • Calibration of anemometers according to ISO 5802, complete and actual tests with smoke


EASYsa - Power management in tunels

  • Recovery of various facilities information
  • Ethernet ground networks in copper, fiber and redundancy functions
  • PLC-based controls
  • OPC -UA interface for superior management systems

Process, power, alarm

EASYsa - electronics interfaces for road and tunnel infrastructures

  • Control interface for LEDs traffic lights
  • Module for current monitoring and measurement
  • Control panel with PC and manual functions


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