The control of precise and dynamic hydraulic axes requires special algorithms based on a powerful predictive system.

The solutions imagined and developed by EASYsa drives presses from 2 to 4000 tons, used in tooling, in cutting and hot forging.

Machines equipped with these functions perform with precision of micrometers in blank mode, a high dynamics and an impressive stability over time.

The recording of important data allows both to track the evolution of a real-time cycle and comparing with other results previously obtained.

EASYsa - Motion control of a 200 tons presse

  • Maximum force: 200 tons
  • working pressure of 250 bars
  • 3 coaxial axes
  • Work in position and/or force
  • Synchronous or alternate mode

Tooling and cutting presses

EASYsa - Motion control of a 2000 tons presse

  • Maximum force: 4000 tons
  • Pressure: ??? bars ( ??? voir PM)
  • 1 axis
  • Work in position with force control
  • Movements rapid-work-rapid

Hot forging

EASYsa - HMI for motion control system

  • Graphical and numerical display of data recorded during a working cycle
  • Multichannel editor for generating movements of a triple release effect


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