• with an updated, user-friendly replica of well-known software
  • retaining all your existing cams
  • with current solutions guaranteeing developments and long-term service
  • with the latest CNC technology for a better finish cams and more accurate and faster machining
  • with modularity that will fit your actual needs
  • with openness to integrate with your business
  • standards compliant to document your work
  • and sustainability for your company at low price
EASYsa - Diamatic: calculation of cams sets

Calculation software of cam sets

  • Machine configuration and devices Tornos, Bechler Petermann, Esco, ….
  • Interactive edition for defining operations
  • Edition for cams crossings
  • Graphic display
  • Perpetual license
    Order number: 3 215
  • Trial license (3 months)
    Order number: 3 219
  • Trial license (1 month)
    Order number: 3 217


EASYsa - Camatic: calculation of cams machining paths

Calculation software for machining paths

  • Target configuration for machining
  • Interactive edition of cams of the set
  • Generation of machining paths with all corrections
  • Graphic display
  • Perpetual license
    Order number: 3 241


EASYsa - Retrofit of cams milling machines

Retrofit kit for:

  • Milling machine Macor/Siemens Order number: 3 242
  • Milling machine Macor/Fanuc Order number: 3 958
  • Milling machine VNSA/Milcam
  • Milling machine Tornos,/Castor

Retrofit for milling cams

Documentation to download


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