For over 20 years, EASYsa develops, maintains and renovates the systems of automatic pouring installations controls for many major foundries in the world.

After making his first steps with Ed.Mezger AG, EASYsa accompanied Mecana then Fritsch Service before taking over its activities in January 2015.

EASYsa now ensures the development, renovations and after-sales service of existing installations. However, to be successful in these developments and renovations, it became urgent to review the pouring regulation which aims to ensure the right level of iron in the funnel during the few tens of seconds of the pouring process.

A new command (the Numerical Pouring Control Unit) is now available providing enhanced performance, ease of use and the benefits of new technologies.

EASYsa - Controls for automatics pouring machines

Sustainability, Quality , Traceability

  • Architecture based on Ethernet and Profibus
  • PLC Siemens S7
  • Weight measurement Sivarex
  • HMI Industrial PC with Windows
  • New pouring control NPCU
  • New drives for the axes
  • Remote maintenance system


EASYsa - HMI for automatic pouring machines


  • Standard industrial PC, fan less
  • Standard screen , industrial keyboard
  • Secure data by UPS


  • Increased dynamic operator interfaces
  • Network connection
  • Information on the status of the installation
  • Traceability of production


EASYsa - NPCU - the numerical pouring control unit

The Numerical Pouring Control Unit

  • Based on industrial PC on the markets
  • Extended features
  • Process Information
  • Digital and graphic displays
  • Bus connection with API
  • Connectivity with the outside world (remote maintenance)


Documentation to download


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