Management and control systems for clean water systems and wastewater treatment facilities.

Our services may be complete or partial solutions and may include control facilities, supervision, data management and remote access.

Our services are obviously not limited to the completion of the installations, they start upstream with the needs analysis and the search of the optimal solution and continue with technical support and after- sales services.

Unlike was it usually done in this area, EASYsa seeks to preserve the freedom of choice of its customers by offering hardware and software market-based solutions.

The proposed solutions are obviously chosen to achieve the required performance as well from the point of view of hardware, than from software and development tools.

EASYsa - HMI for water management

Control station

  • Visualization, control and monitoring of facilities
  • Management and control scenarios in accordance with standards
  • Event processing and selective transmission of alarms via SMS, email or radio
  • Connectivity via Web server


EASYsa - Overview of water management

Tracking and analyzing information

  • Registration of the main important plant data such as flow, consumption, etc ...

Viewing Information

  • Analysis of selected data and extraction of values such as total, average, minimum, maximum.
  • Viewing in numerical or graphical form


EASYsa - Hardware for water management

Standard equipment

  • Windows PC
  • Commercial standard PLC
  • Standard fieldbus on periphery
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Wiring Installation bodies

Command of facilities

Documentation to download


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