our corporate charter


EASYsa has built its success on a value system that has established a real relationship of transparency and confidence among its staff, its customers and partners. Our charter states these values so that each of our employees refers to it and complies in all circumstances. These rules, not exhaustive, must combine the sense of responsibility of our employees to define their mission, to guide their actions and help them succeed in our projects and products.

Our values

We are convinced that ideal working conditions are necessary to approach the level of excellence targeted. Our development and growth must be able to evolve in a climate where the discipline of each individual and collective confidence can reduce stress and stimulate the mind to imagine, create, and encourage group dynamics.

Our commitment

We are committed to achieving and supporting the professional and friendly environment where

  • everyone feels respected and dares to speak,
  • and where the skills, knowledge and confidence can develop fully.
  • Individual investments directly affect the quality of human relationships and of our services.

Our responsibility

We want to offer the best to our customers and our partners, and for this, we ensure that our employees

  • organize, manage and deliver their work conscientiously and effectively,
  • know how to challenge and take the risks necessary to succeed,
  • and are ready to invest and help their colleagues to ensure the success of their projects.

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