Located in the birthplace of Swiss type lathe technology, microtechnics and watch industry, it is natural that EASYsa specializes itself in the programming of high-tech machines and is a leader of machining and assembly software.

Our skills allow to achieve all your developments on PLC, CNC and PC.

Our services start with understanding the business and needs, establishing specifications and documents necessary to ensure project progress monitoring and verifying the functionality and quality of the various steps.

These are continuing with the development, commissioning, technical support and after-sales service.

EASYsa - Machining control

  • Milling and machining center
  • Turning
  • Cams milling
  • Internal, external and centerless cylindrical grinding
  • Transfer machines
  • Water and laser cutting
  • Hydraulic presses and axes


EASYsa - Controls for assembly and handling

  • Platinum and anchors trim
  • high speed palletizer multiaxes
  • Lubricating precision
  • Measurement of watch parts.
  • Decapsulation machines

Control and vision

EASYsa - Motion control for machines

  • Robots: interfacing , programming and integration
  • Assembly, handling

Special machines

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