EASYsa your development partner

in electronic, embedded software and mechatronic

EASYsa also brings professional quality response to all the needs of development and manufacturing of interfaces, and electronic and mechatronic components.

Our excellent results and the trust of our clients have enabled the growth of this sector in areas as different and diverse as machine tools, road infrastructure and "general public" applications.

Our services cover all stages from the development to production, and they are deployed in all areas of mechatronics, passive electronic systems with embedded software to small electromechanical components.

EASYsa - Electronics concept

  • List of needs
  • Research of solutions to meet the needs
  • Selecting the ideal solution
  • Detailed description
  • Work splitting
  • Planning

Research, analysis and development

EASYsa - Electronics development

  • Definition and choice of architecture
  • Hardware development
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Software development
  • Functional tests

Hardware, software

EASYsa - Electronics prototyping

  • Manufacture of functional prototypes
  • Testing and validation of the functionality
  • Testing and validation of the assembly
  • Testing and validation of ergonomics

Validation of the concept

EASYsa - Electronics industrialization

  • Definition of manufacturing needs
  • Research of solutions and ideal components for manufacturing
  • Description of installation and testing procedures
  • Delivery of manufacturing file


EASYsa - Electronics manufacturing

  • Procurement
  • Installation and assembly
  • Tests and archiving ( tracking)
  • Storage
  • Packaging and delivery


EASYsa - Electronics after sale service

  • Technical support online
  • Software update
  • Exchange or repair under warranty
  • On site intervention

After sales service

Documentation to download


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