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EASYsa - about Automation

  • Road infrastructure
  • Machines industry
  • Water systems
  • Swiss type lathe technology
  • Foundries


EASYsa - about Mecatronics

  • Electronics
  • Embedded software
  • Sensors, actuator
  • Electro mechanics
  • Mechanics


EASYsa - about Products

  • Drives for motors
  • Control panels
  • Swiss type lathe technology
  • Various interfaces



For over 25 years, EASYsa has completed more than 1,000 big projects for hundreds of satisfied customers in Switzerland, Europe, America and Asia.

Innovation and quality have always been the drivers of this expansion that started in the field of CNC machine tools and continued with special machines, development and manufacture of electronic products, then in the field of control of road infrastructures.

Today, this growth also continued with external expertise, chosen to maintain and promote the quality of services and products.


To achieve its growth and diversification as well to ensure the excellence of its services and the quality of its results, EASYsa has continued to build on the quality of its skills.

This strategic choice is intended to ensure the renewal and extension of the natural decision-making, functional and technical skills, and guarantee the success of the future.

EASYsa believes that trust, loyalty and “win-win” relationships are the true paths to success in the long term.

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